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If you feel your condition may be life-threatening, call 911 for Emergency Medical Services.

We are not a walk-in clinic.  Appointments are booked in advance by phoning: 905-546-9885.


Your appointment options:

  • The same or next business day with any staff physician or resident available. We will book you with someone on your own physician’s team whenever possible.
  • Pre-booked appointments weeks in advance if you need to plan ahead, be seen for a specific reason (such as annual physical), or wish to be seen by a specific doctor.
  • With a Nurse Practitioner for certain reasons which a receptionist can tell you about

Appointments are generally 10-15 minutes in length. If you have multiple issues we can certainly continue the discussion at another visit.


The doctor is your primary care provider, and is the person who can refer you to one of our other health professionals on staff, as needed:  dietitian, lactation consultant, occupational therapist, pharmacist, social worker, system navigator.


For more information about these services, click here to link to our Family Health Team website.


To cancel an appointment after-hours:  905-546-9885.