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If you smoke cigarettes and are interested in quitting smoking, we can help!

We have specially trained smoking cessation counsellors who are ready to assist you with your quit plan, successes and challenges.

The STOP smoking cessation program offers counselling support and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT: patch, gum, inhaler and lozenge) at no cost to patients/clients who want to quit smoking. You will be referred to a smoking cessation counsellor and asked to complete a consent form agreeing to participate in the program and then complete our questionnaire. Your smoking cessation counsellor will meet with you at regular follow up visits every two to four weeks to receive additional NRT for up to maximum of 26 weeks.

Talk to your health care practitioner to see if you are eligible to join the STOP program.

For free telephone support for quitting smoking call the Smoker’s Helpline in Ontario at 1.877.513.5333

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